Unconventional Hacks for Tackling Your Massive To-Do List

Keeping Up With Your Workload

Ewuranna Smith-Quayson


We’ve all been there — staring down a mountain of tasks to complete with no clue how you’ll get it all done. You make a list, prioritize the most urgent items, and plough through your workload. But despite your best efforts, that list never seems to shrink. Before you know it, you’re burnt out, bleary-eyed, and your quality of work has taken a nosedive.

When you’ve got a heavy workload, trying harder often isn’t the solution. You need to work smarter. To help you stay on top of it all, here are 10 unconventional but effective tips for maximizing your productivity:

Batch Low-Priority Tasks

Got a ton of emails to answer? Instead of letting them distract you all day, set specific times to batch-process them. Block off 30 minutes when you first get in and 30 minutes before leaving. Resist checking your inbox in between. Pop on an auto-reply to let people know you’ll respond during batch times.

Take a Walking Meeting

If you’ve got a routine check-in or brainstorm coming up, suggest taking it on the go. Walking meetings provide a welcome change of scenery from your desk, which can spark creativity. There’s something about moving your body and getting fresh air that gets your mind working differently.

Crank Up the Tunes

Listening to music while you work might just help you get in the zone. Upbeat songs can boost mood and motivation. Instrumental music works well for focus. Create playlists for different vibes depending on your task. Just keep the volume reasonable if you work near others.

Micro-Break Like a Boss

Don’t wait until you’re dragging to take a break. Plan short 3–5 minute micro-breaks every hour. Step away, stretch your legs, grab some water. Recharge your brain quickly then tackle the next hour refreshed.

Keep a Capture Notebook

Got random ideas or to-dos popping into your head that distract you? Jot them in a dedicated notebook to get them out of your mind. Recording them frees up mental bandwidth to focus on the task at…



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